60 Day Trim Up Challenge

Trim Up In 60 Days With The Body Trim Pink Drink

Take the 60 day Body Trim up challenge with the slim weight loss product line. #60DayTrimUp Call Bill at 225-413-8928Are you looking for products to replace the Slim Pink Drink and Accelerator but cost only $64.90? Order Here – Vibrant Pink Drink & TrimUp. Free Affiliate Program, no monthly auto-ship, free website with Basic Reset – Join Here.

60 Day Trim Up with TrimUp and Vibrant Pink Drink

60DayTrimUp Challenge

Try Body Trim From Youngevity The Other Pink Drink

Join Youngevity and take me up on my personal challenge to lose weight. In November 2016 I had gained a lot of weight. Weight loss products I was taking from another company had stopped working for me some time ago. I had put on a lot of weight and got up to around 315 pounds. My health had really started going down hill. I decided to try a product that I used back in 2009 – 2010. This was the Diet Plus 62 Coffee. I forgot how good it worked! I also started drinking a Body Trim drink in the afternoon. The combination of drinking 1 – 2 cups of diet coffee in the morning and a Body Trim drink in the afternoon, my weight started to go down. My hunger pangs have gone down and my appetite was a lot lower.

Diet Plus 62 Coffee as part of the 60 Day Trim Up program.If you are interested in any of the products talked about on this page please give me a call. My name is Bill and you can call me on my cell phone between the hours of 10 AM to 7 PM Central time 225-413-8928. I can explain how I use these products to lose weight. These are weight management and that is what I plan to do is manage my weight. I have gone from 315 lbs down to 290 mainly on the Diet Plus 62 Coffee and Body Trim. I have now added some new products that my body seems to like. I have started to lose more weight using TrimUp and Vibrant.

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Get started with the Body Trim Pink Drink as it curbs your appetite and helps you with your weight management.

This is one of many products that Youngevity has to offer you when it comes to health and wellness.


Body Trim Stick Pack Box 30 Packets $49.50

60 Day Body Trim Up Challenge

– Boosts Energy
– Promotes a healthy immune system
– Promotes healthy blood sugar levels
– Promotes healthy cholesterol levels
– Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system

As part of a sensible diet plan, A.C.T. Body Trim helps support and promote healthy weight loss and the optimal benefits of better health. Just one Body Trim pink drink a day is all that is needed to get the body you have been looking for. Try the 60 day Body Trim up challenge and see if you get the results that so many others have gotten.

Here at Youngevity we have many other weight management products to help you achieve your goals.

Body Trim Singles

Body Trim Pink Drink Singles







Secrets Of Healthy Weight Loss

Good deals of those who have put on weight have really lived a non-active way of life for a prolonged time period, considering that it’s necessary to wind up being active gradually however unquestionably to avoid injury and to make sure long-lasting success. Some people feel you need to shed weight at first. Everybody opts to drop some weight, nevertheless the majority of individuals do some techniques to begin reaching their weight-loss goals. Though you can lose weight through severe weight-loss approaches, you’re likewise putting your life at jeopardy. More than a range of individuals are so desperate to get rid of weight that they are delighted to do anything that does not cause health risks.

The Healthy Weight Loss Game

In case you have picked that a healthy way of life is the straight-out the finest approach to lose weight. A wholesome way of life is an active lifestyle. It can substantially increase a person’s toughness. An active much healthier lifestyle is rather hard to achieve over night. Give yourself 60 to 90 days for your body to transform itself. I am personally drinking one to two cups of Diet Plus 62 Coffee and one Body Trim drink a day. So far this combination is working for me with a 12 lb loss in the past month of December 2016. Mix and march the products that work for you.

Body Trim takes the 60 day trim up challenge head on!