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Welcome to the Slim Weight Loss WFH site and Youngevity products. Bringing you articles and information about weight loss and how to get slim and healthy. There will also be reviews on Youngevity products, websites, videos and other things related to health, weight loss and weight management on this site. There will also be links going to other product to help expand the knowledge of information presented.

Slim Weight Loss Or Weight Management?

People are always looking for ways to lose weight. If you do an internet search you will find hundreds of ways to get slim and lose weight. Many of the sites offer ways to diet or lose weight by all sorts of diets, eating healthy, exercising, taking pills, drinking special drinks, you name it they got a way to lose weight some way and some how.

Weight Loss And Network Marketing

Slim Weight Loss For Life

Slim Weight Loss

Many times weight loss is tied to a network marketing company. I often wonder how many people lose weight because they joined a MLM company. You sit there thinking how can I sell the companies products unless I lose weight. I have to show people that the products work so I just got to lose the weight no matter what. This probably happens more times then you think.

Here you are losing weight and working your network marketing business. Your first month you lose 20 lbs and your friends and family can see the difference. You now start sharing your weight loss story with people you know and people on Facebook. A couple of people join your MLM business with you and some others buy the products to start losing weight. Your happy because your business is growing and you now see that you will be making some money. Are you able to keep the momentum going? Are people that joined losing weight? Are people that bought the weight loss products seeing some weight loss?

This may be the most important time in the start of your business. You have been in the network marketing company for 1 to 2 months now and results are coming in. The first result you want to see is others having success losing some weight. You also want to see the people that signed up also signing others into the business. The critical point of seeing results and keeping a positive attitude are weighing heavy on your mind.

I could go on from here but there is no reason to go on right now. Have you been here before? Lots of people have.

Questions About Weight Loss

This Slim Weight Loss site may have the answer to the questions above. The key to keeping weight off is to get healthy for life. Joining a network marketing company that is known for weight loss products can be a disaster.

Here are some questions that come up from people.

  1. What happens if the slim weight loss products do not work?
  2. You have lost all the weight that you need to, what do I do now?
  3. The products worked the 1st month but not any more, why?
  4. I am not losing any weight, why are the products not working?
  5. Why do I need to take more or different products to lose weight?
Get Healthy For Life With Youngevity

The authors personal feelings are that you need to get healthy for life. One way to do this is by weight management and not just weight loss. Youngevity WFH opportunity presents you with a full line of health and wellness products to help you.

More on this coming soon here at the Slim Weight Loss site.